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Great Southern purchases oil royalties, gas royalties, and mineral rights as a long term investment. We purchase producing and non-producing mineral rights, royalties, and overriding royalties.

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Determining Value

The single most important part of the process in making sure Great Southern gives you a fair offer based on a sound engineering foundation, is to provide good data.


Review (6) months check stubs and build a database with all producing properties


Research for activity on the leases. Build in probables and possibles when data supports it


We run a decline curve on each well to determine monthly production going forward


Apply the current NYMEX strip to determine monthly cash flow going forward

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Reasons to Sell

There are many answers to this question, some detailed below. However like the old saying goes, holding onto 100% of your mineral or royalty interest is like “keeping all of your eggs in one basket” while selling only a portion gives you a hedge against the risks associated with the Oil & Gas business. Other answers to this question which focus on small interest include continued fractionalization, as well as the elimination of paperwork.

Royalties are depleting natural resources and not appreciating financial assets. The production from Oil & Gas reservoirs does not last forever. It is also facing increased competition from alternative energy sources such as; ethanol, solar, bio-fuels, etc. Also, there is increased political pressure to increase the amount of taxes owed on oil and gas income, windfall profit taxes and proposed carbon taxes are two examples.

  • It was a pleasure working with the team at Great Southern, they were prompt to answer and return my calls, kept me informed through various stages of the transaction, and were able to close before the deadline, I would reccommend Great Southern to all my friends and family.

    Brenda F.― Kingfisher, OK

  • I had an offer on my minerals from a company that backed out at the last minute, I contacted Great Southern and they not only matched my offer they beat it!

    Mark W.― Evergreen, LA

  • Great Southern always returned my calls promptly, their staff was very friendly and professional, and demonstrated strong integrity through every phase of the deal.

    Larry L.― Norman, OK

  • Great Southern Minerals was very courteous and respectful, I have a hard time hearing on the phone and they took the time to make sure all of the information I was providing was correct.

    Alice P.― Ft. Worth, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

We always take the time to speak with our mineral owners, find some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Q. Why should/would I sell my minerals?

A. This is the most common question we encounter. Usual reasons include liquidation of an estate, converting future cash flows to a present value, or guaranteeing a payment vs. waiting on the development of a lease that may never happen. Selling your mineral interests can provide you with a one-time lump cash payment to place into safer investments or reduce debt.

Q. What are the steps taken in the selling process?

A. Fill out our no obligation form to receive a non-binding quote (located on the right of each page). Once we agree upon several key terms, we will execute a Sales Agreement, and after a full mineral title search and/or royalty verification execute payment and a deed. There is no obligation until an agreement is reached, and further, all costs associated with the preparation of the documents and title examination will be absorbed solely by Great Southern Minerals.

Q. How does Great Southern Minerals evaluate royalty properties?

A. We use 6 months of your most recent check stubs to build a database. From there, we pull drilling permits and any additional information to determine how many new wells could potentially be drilled on your property. Once future production has been determined, we use a NYMEX strip to estimate future monthly cash flow. Our offer will then be based on a monthly multiple of current cash flow, as well as location, operator, well count, reservoir, life expectancy of wells and upside potential.

Q. Do I have to sell all of my royalties?

A. No, you can sell as much or as little as you want.

Q. How long is the closing process?

A. Once agreement is reached and all necessary paperwork is signed, filed of record, and title verified with the operator or lessee of record, payment will be issued in a timely manner.

Q. What type of interests does Great Southern Minerals buy?

A. Great Southern Minerals purchases producing and non-producing mineral, royalty and overriding royalty interests located throughout the United States. We buy interests of all sizes, Great Southern Minerals will also evaluate oil and gas working interests.

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